Our Vision


In an evolving industry where product and price become increasingly positioned as alternatives to the valuable role professional care plays in lasting communication health, it is more important than ever for independent hearing care practices, regardless of setting, to work together.

We Unite Existing Provider Networks

Working together rather than competing expands both buying power and message reach

  • AHG begins with the merger of AuDNet, Inc. and Marcon Hearing Group, but it won’t end there

Together, we focus on our responsibility to the patient’s we serve

  • We focus on bringing value to our patients by managing our cost of goods effectively
  • We focus on bringing value to our patients by building a unique, diverse and effective solutions aresenal
  • We bring value to hearing healthcare by bringing our story to each patient, and to the public in meaninful ways

Together, we raise the visibility and effectiveness of all our members

  • Our members are better positioned to compete because of better cost of goods management
  • Our members are more effective because we are constantly working together to elevate our effectiveness
  • Our member are more visible because we continuously promote the value and importance of professional care nationally
  • Our members are our owners, who share in building our path and our combined success