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Welcome to Audnet Hearing Group

AUDNET Hearing group is a uniqe concept in group purchasing strategy. Established by the merger of two storied national group purchasing entities (AuDNet, Inc., and Marcon Hearing Group), our mission is to a) represent as many independent hearing care practices as possible to secure the best possible product costs so that those practices can effectively compete in a market where unequal cost-of-goods is uniquely burdening those practices, and b) to speak nationally to those with hearing concerns about the value and imporance of professional care.

Competitive Cost

By merging the buying power of several national group purchasing entities, AUDNET Hearing Group has created a powerful “big-customer” presence in the industry.

Unique Tools

Unique to AUDNET Hearing Group is our ability to offer members discount access to a variety of business support resources and tools through our partnerships with top companies that are experts in key support areas.

Strategic Consumer Messaging

AUDNET Hearing Group is in a unique position to promote high quality and affordable professional care on a nationwide basis direct to the consuming public.

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How Our Members Benefit

  • Access to lower costs for the products and services you need to run your business.
  • A broad palate of business support services including operational support, professional development and practice growth tools from top vendor partners who deliver the expertise you require.
  • Ownership opportunities in AHG.
  • A voice in the direction and investments of the group.
    Collaborative member conferences focused on defining and promoting the role professional care plays in treating hearing concerns.

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