Our Resume


Gregory Frazer, Au.D., Ph.D.


Dr. Gregory Frazer has been a private practice audiologist since 1982. For fourteen years, he operated one of the largest audiology private practices in the U.S. Today, Dr. Frazer owns six audiology private practices in California. He is also the CEO for AUDNET Hearing Group.

Dr. Frazer is a well known clinician and teacher. He was a UCLA Clinical Instructor as well as Chief of Audiology in the Department of Head & Neck Surgery at Olive View Medical Center. He was an instructor at the University of Florida Au.D. program and is currently adjunct professor at AT Still University, San Diego State University and the University of Texas at Dallas.

Dr. Frazer specializes in the evaluation and treatment of vertigo, dizziness and balance disorders.

Dale Thorstad


For 33 years, Dale Thorstad served as a key management executive in the hearing instrument manufacturing sector.  In 2002, he left manufacturing to become President of Marcon Group, and continues as President of AHG.

Mr. Thorstad has served on the board of the Better Hearing Institute for nine years, and has also been on the board of the National Board Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences (NBC-HIS).  He presently serves as chair of the NBC-HIS exam and writing committee.

Mr. Thorstad has lectured both nationally and internationally on various hearing care related topics, with a focus on hearing instrument technology and fitting strategies.  He is licensed to fit hearing instruments in Minnesota and serves on the Minnesota dispensing board.

David Smriga, M.A.

Vice President, Corporate Communications

David Smriga has held positions in clinical and research audiology at the Health Sciences Center in Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba Medical School.  He has also been a senior management executive in the hearing health industry, holding positions in sales, marketing, product management and public relations for several of the industry’s leading manufacuring firms.  Mr. Smriga founded AuDNet, Inc. in 2002, which became one of the industry’s first hearing-care-focused group purchasing organizations.

Mr. Smriga is a seasoned presenter and lecturer, having conducted over 700 lectures in North America and Europe, and having authored over 60 publications.  Mr. Smriga is also Senior Audiology Consultant for Audioscan, the industry’s premier manufacturer of real ear measurement and electro-acoustic analysis systems.


Adam DiPuccio, M.A.

Vice Chair

Mr. Adam DiPuccio founded Advanced Hearing Group, a multi-office audiology private practice enterprise in the Phoenix, Arizona area, in 2004 after working for several years within the Veterans Administration.  Mr. DiPuccio designed one of the first insurance-based audiology practice models.

Mr. DiPuccio started purchasing hearing instruments through Marcon when he began his private practice, and became the co-chairman of the Marcon board of directors in 2005.

Mr. DiPuccio has assisted numerous private practices in setting up and improving their business operations, and brings a wealth of practical knowledge to those interested in benefitting from his experiences.