How do I create a new blog post?

From the ‘Post a Blog’ area of your Dashboard, simply click ‘Add New’. Watch this videos for a step-by-step breakdown: How to Create a Blog Post.

How do I edit an existing page?

You can use the Backend Editor or, our favorite tool, the Visual Composer, to make edits. Watch our ‘Edit Page Content with the Visual Composer’ video.

How do I change, add, or update a Patient Form?

Watch the Adding images and Other Files video to see how to add a Patient Form to your media library. To learn how to add, change, or update the form directly on a page, check out the Adding Files to a Page video.

How do I add/remove employee biographies?

You can easily add/remove employee biographies in the Visual Composer. Watch our video to walk through the process in more depth.


What boxes should I be filling out when adding to the Media Library?

Watch our video on Adding Images and Other Files to the Media Library for a thorough explanation.


Which analytics are most important for me to track?

Your goals will help define which analytics to track most closely. For more information about the data sets, watch our Analytics 101 video here.


What do each of the terms in the Analytics dropdown box mean?

Watch our Analytics 101 video here.


Why is my bounce rate so high?

A high bounce rate can mean a lot of different things. Keep in mind that while a bounce rate of 50-70% within a year is pretty normal, it’s not out of the ordinary to have more than that. Don’t focus too much on the bounce rate numbers if you’re meeting your other performance goals.



What pages should patients be looking at the most?

While the home page is always the most visited, the goal is to get patients to a contact or request an appointment page. You can learn more about analytics by watching our Analytics 101 video here.



What are people searching to find me?

Look for Searches on the Analytics Dashboard to see which search terms are being used to find you. Watch our Analytics 101 video here to learn more about your Analytics Dashboard.




Are people looking at my site on mobile or desktop?

That information can be found by selecting Technology on the Analytics Dashboard. Watch our Analytics 101 video here to learn more about your Analytics Dashboard.




What should I do if I need to add or remove a page from our website?

Please contact audiology plus to add or remove any pages from your website. We do this to protect the integrity of your site and maintain SEO.





I can't find the information I need in the Training & Help Center. Is there someone I can talk to?

Absolutely! Select the ‘Contact Support’ button on your dashboard to let us know what you need. Remember to include your name, contact information, and a brief description of what you need. Watch this video if you need help attaching a file to your request.